Questions for the MS-EIA program? Take a look at our FAQ below. Don’t see your question listed? Contact us at mseia@georgetown.edu.

Program Structure

The MS-EIA program will be STEM-designated to ensure students are prepared to lead in an era of rapidly evolving business and sustainability practices. Eligible international students also can apply for STEM OPT extension of their work authorization in the United States. We are currently awaiting STEM accreditation.

The program will start in August each year.

Classes will be hosted in various buildings on the main Georgetown University campus in Washington, DC They are all in person and will not be virtual.


No: MS-EIA offers fall admission only.

No, interviews are not part of the admissions process.

Unofficial copies of all academic coursework (including any undergraduate transfer coursework) should be uploaded directly into your online application. Should you be admitted, you will receive a conditional offer that will require you to mail all original/official copies of application documents (transcripts, degree certificates, test scores) to our Admissions Office. All academic coursework must be submitted in sealed envelopes signed by the appropriate university official.

Please review our application checklist for a comprehensive list of required application components.

Since MS-EIA is a cohort-based program, we are unable to accept transfer credit at this time.

Submission of your GRE standardized test score is completely optional. When preparing your application we encourage you to take a step back and objectively review all components. If you feel part of your application, such as your undergraduate transcripts, do not accurately reflect your academic abilities, you may choose to submit additional documentation to demonstrate to the Admissions Committee you are capable of handling the academic rigor of the program. Documentation may include standardized test scores, additional undergraduate or graduate-level coursework, or certifications.

It’s important to remember that the MS-EIA Admissions Committee takes a holistic view of your application, so you are not at a disadvantage for admissions or scholarship consideration if you choose to not include test scores.

 TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for international applicants.

Yes, TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for international applicants.


MS-EIA offers partial scholarships based on individual merit. All applicants are considered for scholarships at the time of admission review, no additional application materials are necessary. Priority consideration for scholarships is given to applicants who apply by January 15, 2024.

While international students are not eligible for federal loan money from the United States government, you are certainly eligible for partial scholarships through the MS-EIA program. 

Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission and will be included in your decision letter. You must in submit your application by the January 15th priority consideration deadline in order to be considered for scholarships.

The MS-EIA program has not yet obtained approval for Department of Veteran Affairs education benefits at this time and is pending submission of its VA application. Please contact our Assistant Registrar for Veteran/Military Benefits at militarybenefits@georgetown.edu (new window) for more information.

The application fee is $90 and is non-refundable. MS-EIA offers need-based fee waivers if applicants apply by December 1. Please email MS-EIA with the subject line “Fee Waiver” if you require a need-based fee waiver.

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